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Jubah Rania (Gold - AA3056JW)

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Transition of the new Jubah from Amar Amran to the brand's outlook ontraditional clothing with a simplistic addition of flowy form. It can be suitsfor every occasion and seasons. It have hidden zipper inside which make itwudhu' friendly. Jubah Rania are made up from high quality fabrics that giveyou satisfaction of its flowy princess-like cutting and its cooling effect. OurJubah are made with love with finest workmanship.

Composition: Como Crepe

Size Measurement

Shouder x Chest x Sleeve Lengthx Wrist x Length 

- S (14" x 34" x23" x 8" x 56") 

- M (15" x 36" x23" x 8.5" x 57") 

- L (16" x 38" x24" x 9" x 58") 

- XL (17" x 40" x24" x 9" x 58") 


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