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Blouse Adelia (Maroon- M1028B)

RM 58.00

The perfect go-to blouse for any event and casual wear. The Adelia Top from MILLA may be plain to some, but for the true fashionistas, it's a gem. Designed with ruffle hand sleeve, pair this blouse with a long skirt or palazzo, and you'll understand why it's a must have.

Colour: Maroon

Care label: No soaking & wash with cold water

Composition: Como Crepe

Size Measurement

Shouder x Chest x Sleeve Length x Waist x

- S (14" x 34" x 22" x 34")

- M (15" x 36" x 22" x 36")

- L (16" x 38" x 23" x 38")

- XL (17" x 40" x 23" x 40")